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Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

Every baker needs a great red velvet recipe in their arsenal. This is mine. I have tried at least 5 different red velvet recipes, but none of them can compare to this one. It is ridiculously moist (read: lots of oil, but hey, it’s called a treat for a reason) and has the perfect hint of chocolate. Combo it withRead more

Oreo Truffles

Yay! Today is the last day for my 3-ingredient series and we have Oreo Truffles on the menu. Oreo truffles are a simple dessert to make that appear to be much fancier than they really are. To make the truffle center, you just need to process Oreo cookies and cream cheese together. Easy, right? The you just dip them inRead more


Fudge is a pretty common dessert found in holiday dessert spreads. Many recipes have more than 3 ingredients, but to join my 3 ingredient series, I needed to find an easier recipe. This is it! You can make this fudge in a matter of minutes and it sets in the fridge after an hour or so. Then, just cut itRead more

Chocolate Candy Cane Cupcakes

Admittedly, I am going pretty overboard with candy canes this year. I’m sorry if you’re not as big of a fan as I am! Candy canes a) scream Christmas and b) are something that everyone has (or should have) around their house during the holidays. You can easily modify your favorite holiday recipe to add mint or candy canes. LuckyRead more

Toffee Pretzel Bark

Chocolate bark is one of those great treats you can set out on your coffee table or counter while people are grazing during the holidays. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated (although if you’re not planning on serving it, you should keep it in the fridge) and it doesn’t go stale quickly when uncovered. READ MORE

Banana Split Cupcakes

I saw these cupcakes more than 6 months ago and have been dreaming about making them ever since. I knew that the occasion had to be extra special for such a cute cupcake. Luckily, my mom’s birthday was last week so I had the perfect opportunity to make them! I know these cupcakes seem a little labor intensive with allRead more

Chocolate Frozen Custard

I had a very ice cream themed birthday this year. I received an ice cream maker (whoop!), The Perfect Scoop (whoop!) and ice cream dishes (whoop!). I looked through The Perfect Scoop in its entirety not knowing which kind of ice cream we should try first. James suggested we start with chocolate and go from there. Unfortunately it was SORead more

Tuxedo Cake

This fancy little cake is a perfect for a special occasion and we had just the thing to celebrate – our second anniversary! We made this cake together on the day of our anniversary so I can’t take full credit for its pretty appearance! James made the cake layers and chocolate covered strawberries and I made the frosting and glaze.Read more

Chocolate & Nutella Macarons

I’ve made these macarons 3-4 times now, but I finally got a picture to go with the recipe! I’ve only made 2 flavors of macarons, but these shells turned out a lot better than my raspberry mascarpone macs. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of different macarons and it seems like different flavored batters yield a slightly different shell. IfRead more

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Another birthday at work meant another round of birthday treats. This time my coworker’s pick was chocolate mint cupcakes. Chocolate and mint is a classic combination that comes in many different forms; mint oreos, york peppermint patties, grasshopper bars, and my favorite – Andes. I made this cupcakes last Christmas and they were well received then, so I knew IRead more