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Chicken Egg Rolls

Whenever we go to Panda Express I always eye up the chicken egg rolls but never buy them. It’s a mixture of me feeling too guilty to eat additional fried calories and me being to cheap to buy them. Let’s be honest here – it’s probably the later. But last week, I finally got my egg roll fix! Instead ofRead more

Chicken Chili

The holidays are over and it’s time for everyone’s inevitable I-ate-way-too-much-so-I’m-going-to-make-up-for-it diet. Although I’m not really one to jump on that bandwagon, I do crave something at least a little lighter the days after Christmas. I think my body feels like it needs a detox from the 20 lbs of butter and sugar I consumed since Thanksgiving. So, at leastRead more

Orange Chicken

There aren’t many people who dislike Panda Express’ orange chicken. Yes, it’s probably not chicken and yes, it’s definitely terrible for you, but it’s undeniabably delicious. I’ve tried other orange chicken recipes before, but until trying this one, I’ve always been slightly disappointed. It doesn’t taste exactly the same to it’s fast food counterpart, but that’s probably a good thingRead more

Apple-Almond Chicken Salad

Another recipe from Rebecca Rather that blew me away, this time something savory in contrast to the tuxedo cake. Almond apple chicken salad isn’t your regular canned chicken and mayonnaise recipe. This chicken salad is out of this world! It has the perfect amount of different yet complimenting flavors and textures. The best part about it is the homemade mayonnaise!Read more