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Irish Soda Bread

I’ve heard “Irish soda bread” many times before, but didn’t actually try making it until last week. I wasn’t really sure what it was and when you are supposed to eat it. The Internet answered the first question – it’s basically a non-yeasted bread, whose raising agent is baking soda. Makes sense, but I still couldn’t find when I wasRead more

Mexican Rice

I am guilty of being lazy with side dishes for Mexican meals and often turn to boxed Mexican rice or a can of black beans. I’ve tried a few different Mexican rice recipes in the past, but nothing was good enough for the extra effort, so rice and packet options usually won. That is until I found this recipe. It’sRead more

Perfect French Fries

This recipe needed the word “perfect” in the title. They really are the perfect french fry. We’ve been making these fries for the last 6 months or so, but I was finally able to get a picture to share. Normally, they aren’t around long enough for a picture, so I had to make a special batch just for you guys!Read more

Cranberry Sauce

Last Christmas I made a cranberry sauce that was mediocre at best. The cranberries were too tart, the sauce was too orange-y, and it just overall underwhelmed me. A couple of weeks ago I started to search for something that would be better fit my tastes. This recipe is definitely it. The sauce is sweet, perfectly orange-y and has aRead more

Texas Ranch Potato Salad

I’m a huge fan of potato salad and I think it makes the perfect side for anything BBQed. Yesterday we made pulled pork and I made 3 different sauces to go with it – sweet & tangy, a vinegar based sauce and a mustard based sauce. Since I already had a lot of mustard with the sauce, I wanted aRead more

Onion Strings with Dipping Sauce

Oh my gosh. If it weren’t disgustingly unhealthy I think I’d make these every day. I’m dead serious. I made them pretty quickly back-to-back (right before vacation and right after) and I’m making them again to top my green bean casserole for Easter Sunday. They are super crispy, not too oniony and have the right amount of peppery spice. YouRead more

Kalamata Olive Hummus

I think I’ve made it clear I love hummus, right? It’s the perfect snack, side, salad topper, spread…the ideas are endless! I made this hummus for a side with Greek salad, and served it with warm pita. As with my cilantro jalapeno hummus, it turned out being even better the last day, so I would make ahead. It’s great withRead more

Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus

I love hummus. I especially love Pita Jungle’s cilantro jalapeno hummus. And Trader Joe’s. Yum. I knew that I must try to make said hummus at home, because Trader Joe’s makes too much money off of me already, and it’s not realistic to go to Pita Jungle all time time, is it? Anyway, the key ingredient in hummus is tahini.Read more

Baba Ghanoush

I decided we needed a weekend away from cream cheese based dips. Enter: Baba Ghanoush. I think I first had baba ghanoush at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant at least 5 years ago. I’m not a Greek food expert (obviously), but it seems as though they add chick peas to theirs. Next time I make this recipe I would addRead more

Garlic Knots

These garlic knots are so soft and delicious! I have made Emeril’s garlic knots in the past, but they were really disappointing. These knots are not overly garlicky (in fact I would probably up the garlic next time) so you can pretty much serve them with anything. You should definitely make them. Seriously. Garlic Knots (makes 10-12) Ingredients: For theRead more