Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

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Another birthday at work meant another round of birthday treats. This time my coworker’s pick was chocolate mint cupcakes. Chocolate and mint is a classic combination that comes in many different forms; mint oreos, york peppermint patties, grasshopper bars, and my favorite – Andes. I made this cupcakes last Christmas and they were well received then, so I knew I had a winning recipe to repeat.

The base of the cake is a peppermint version of Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake. A lot of food bloggers bash on this cake, but I think it’s the perfect amount of chocolate, plus it’s extra light and fluffy. It made the perfect base for creamy mint swiss merguine buttercream. To get the green and white swirl effect, I (aka James) placed my prepared piping bag in a large beer glass and cut a piece of poster board to fit right down the middle of the bag, vertically. Then I filled one side with green frosting and one side with white frosting and carefully pulled the poster board out. I would suggest doing a practice cupcake first (I always pick the ugly duckling of the bunch) so the white and green is coming out evenly.

Like I said earlier, my favorite chocolate and mint combo treat are Andes, so I chopped up a few to sprinkle on top of the frosted cupcakes which I think adds a bit of additional interest.

Chocolate Mint Cupcakes (makes 24 cupcakes)

for the cupcakes:
2 cups sugar
1 3/4 cups flour
3/4 cup cocoa powder
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
1-1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp peppermint extract
1 cup boiling water

Preheat oven to 350F. Line 2 muffins pans with cupcake papers and set aside.

In a large bowl whisk together sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add in eggs, milk, oil and extracts. Beat with an electric mixer on medium speed for 2 minutes. Pour in boiling water and whisk to combine. Batter will be thin.

Fill each cupcake paper 2/3 of the way full with batter and bake for 16-20 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool completely before frosting.

for the frosting:
6 egg whites, room temperature
1 3/4 cups plus 2 Tbs of sugar
1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) of butter, room temperature
2 tsp of vanilla extract
2 tsp peppermint extract
green food coloring, as desired

Whisk together egg whites and sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer. Set bowl over a small pot of simmering water and whisk constantly until the sugar dissolves. You know it’s ready with the you cannot feel the sugar when you rub a small amount of mixture between your fingers.

Transfer the bowl to the stand mixer and use the whisk attachment to beat the egg whites into stiff peaks, about 10 minutes. The bowl should be cool to the touch before you move on.

Switch over to the paddle attachment and set the mixer to medium speed. Add the butter 2 Tbs at a time, letting it incorporate before adding another piece. Turn the mixer up to medium-high speed and beat until the frosting comes together. This will take a while, so don’t worry if it looks soupy or curdled at any point. I find that it helps (if it’s not cooperating) to briefly chill in the fridge for a few minutes and then remixing.

Place half of the butter cream into a small bowl and whisk in vanilla extract. Set aside. Using the remaining half of frosting in the stand mixer bowl, mix in peppermint extract and green food coloring. Alternately, you can mix 1 tsp of vanilla and 1 tsp of peppermint into each bowl if you want the peppermint flavor to be consistent through both colors. I’ve done it both ways and don’t have a particular preference. Place frosting in piping bag as detailed above and pipe as desired. Sprinkle cupcakes with chopped Andes or other chocolate mint candies.

Cake from Hersheys & frosting from Annie’s Eats

Comments on “Chocolate Mint Cupcakes”

  1. Memoria says:

    WHAT?! I didn’t know a lot of bloggers bash on this AWESOME, POPULAR, cake recipe! I think it is the best choc cake recipe in the world not only because it tastes amazing, but also b/c you don’t need butter or blocks of chocolate to make it. Anyway, when I make it, I use buttermilk and coffee/espresso in place of the milk and boiling water, respectively. Those changes make the cake even more moist and chocolaty.

    Your cupcakes look amazing. I love the addition of the Andes mints! Those mints are the only true good thing about Olive Garden LOL!

  2. Sonya says:

    Wow I happen to love that cupcake recipe..the cupcakes always come out super moist and fluffy. I am a total mint freak and LOVE how you added that in!! So bookmarking this :)

  3. Sasha says:

    These looks absolutely PERFECT, your coworker must have been utterly delighted. The mint/choc combo is sure a hard one to beat!

  4. Sasha says:

    *’these look’ rather
    sorry to comment again, the spelling mistake just niggled me massively :)

  5. Marla says:

    Your chocolate mint cupcakes are so fun!

  6. Yum. These look so good, now all I need is a reason to make them.

  7. Gorgeous cupcakes, and I’m sure they’re delicious too…must make these soon!

  8. steph says:

    Loved these cupcakes. I made these but they over flowed in the cases big time. did i do something wrong? i followed the recipe and only filled them 2/3 in the cups. how can i make them taste a bit more chocolate?

    • allie says:

      Bummer…it happens to us all! This recipe doesn’t really dome much, so you really can’t go over 2/3 full in the papers or they will overflow. In the future, if you have the extra time, you could try baking just one cupcake to see how it rises/doesn’t rise. That way when you measure out the rest, you’ll know if you should add more or less batter. I hope that helps!

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  10. After Taste says:

    Loving the beautiful cupcake decorating. Just lovely.

  11. Jessica says:

    I loved the cake recipe. But my icing came out really gritty :(. I decided to just throw it away and make a different icing. I think it’s because I used the gel food coloring.

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  14. Melissa says:

    Another way to go get the frosting swirl depending on how many cupcakes im decorating. I take a pastry bag and then clear plastic wrap and put a small amount of colored frosting into each. I make small “frosting sausages” and then place them into the pastry bag. Once its emply just throw it and fill with another. Not only is it easy and quicker to keep refilling the bags but i dont have to clean up a sticky mess.

  15. Sarah says:

    This recipe is AMAZING!! Thanks so much :) Thanks for the heads up about the batter being runny, I was a little nervous, but they turned out so great and so incredibly moist. I really enjoyed making them and this will be my go-to choc. cake and frosting recipe! Thanks again

  16. Nana says:

    I tried this recipe yesterday and everything went great and it taste really good. This recipe is so well written that nothing can go wrong at all.
    Since they didn’t sell peppermint extract in my town I just used fresh mint leaves which worked just as fine. It was very minty and choloate-y at the same time.
    Thank you James for sharing your wonderful recipe!

  17. Susan Berger says:

    The best “technique” for buttercream icing I’ve found is at the link below. Marsha Winbeckler and her husband are professional cake decorators and this is a youtube video. I found it just by searching youtube. Quick and easy to follow and your buttercream will never be gritty. They use ALL shortening but I use half shortening and half unsalted butter.

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  20. Your cupcakes look beautiful, they must be so tasty. I’ve featured this recipes on my blog! I hope you don’t mind! If you don’t agree with that please contact me and I will remove it. All the best.

  21. Aimee (UK) says:

    These are absolutly gorgeous!!!!!!!! words can’t desribe how good they are. I will deffinatly be making them again soon!

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  23. ET says:

    I made these cupcakes and the cake turned out great. However, I followed the icing recipe exactly and it wasn’t gritty at all, actually smooth, but it never thickened. I don’t have a stand mixer. I mixed those egg whites and dissolved sugar mixture with a standard hand mixer for about 25 minutes and I couldn’t get the peaks to stand super stiff. I added another 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar and cream cheese after the butter to try to get it thick enough to at least get some frosting on my cupcakes. I tried refrigerating too. Tasted great, just not sure the icing recipe works for me. Not sure what I did wrong.

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