BBQ Baby Back Ribs

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The following is a guest blog post from my husband, James;

As Allie has mentioned several times on this site, I am a big meat eater, with any kind of BBQ being my absolute favorite. When a local supermarket had a deal on baby back ribs, we filled the freezer! At first I thought getting our own ribs anywhere near restaurant quality would be impossible, but this recipe is incredibly simple and it tastes absolutely amazing, and if I can do it, anybody can.

All you need is;

  • 1 Rack of Baby Back Ribs
  • 18oz Bottle BBQ Sauce (I recommend Sweet Baby Rays Original)
  • 4ft Foil
  • Oven set to 300F
  • Grill

How long it takes;

  • Marinating Time – 8 – 24 hours
  • Cooking Time – 2h 40m
  • Effort Time – 1 Hour

First, you will want to remove the membrane from the underside of the ribs. If you haven’t done this before, it is really easy to do and will help your ribs to absorb more flavors from any rubs or marinades that you use. This is done by using some paper towel to grab the membrane at one end of the ribs and pulling it to the other end, keeping it in one piece (the paper towel helps you get a firm grip and not slip and keeping it on one piece makes life a lot easier).

Next, cut the rack of ribs into whatever size servings you wish to serve – I have cooked both half and quarter racks the same way and the results have been identical. With your ribs divided, grab some foil and rip off a piece big enough to completely cover each of your portions – I am usually quiet generous with the tin foil and use a couple of feet for each portion. Place each section of ribs on a piece of foil and then use the majority of the BBQ sauce to completely cover all of ribs, top and bottom, pouring then brushing liberally.

With the sauce covering your ribs, wrap them tightly in the foil and then put them in the fridge for anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. When you are about 3 hours from when you want to eat, heat the oven to 300F and move the ribs from the fridge to a baking sheet – leaving them in their foil wrappings – and then into the hot oven.

After about 2h 15m remove the ribs from the oven, and turn on the grill to medium-high heat. Once the grill is hot, open up each foil parcel, take out the ribs

and place them on the grill – the foil will be full of boiling hot BBQ sauce and rib juice, which I have split on my arm before, so do be careful. Take the remainder of your BBQ sauce and brush it onto the top of bottom of your ribs. Finishing the ribs in this way you can caramelize the sauce on to the ribs and lock in even more of those flavors, and get a crispy exterior.

After about 20 minutes on the grill, cooking both top and bottom, the ribs should look just like they would in a restaurant and will taste absolutely amazing with anything you serve them with. Allie and I put them with coleslaw and homemade beer battered onion rings that she will no doubt write about soon.

That’s it – I told you it was easy! Not only is this recipe is incredibly simple, but it will work as a great base for any other rib variations you want to try. I suggest you experiment with different BBQ sauces and rubs to find the flavor that is right for you – let me know what works best in the comments below!

Comments on “BBQ Baby Back Ribs”

  1. E says:

    oh james!

  2. Michael says:

    My big issue has always concerned dismembering the membranes. If you don’t do that with precision, the meat just doesn’t taste right. Keep up the good work James-y!

  3. james says:

    Emily – Thank you for the insightful feedback.

    Michael – you aren’t allowed to eat this particular animal, so you shouldn’t know how it would taste.

    Thanks, guys!

  4. Abby says:

    Thanks for sharing this simple recipe, James! I’ll put Keegz to work on this one…

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