Roasted Turkey

You may be wondering where I’ve been the last few (ha!) months. Well, we have been busy preparing for our first baby – a little girl! We are down to the home stretch and getting very excited. Since I will be staying home with the little one, I will hopefully have the time to get this blog up and runningRead more

Inside-Out Neapolitan Cake

I’ve already shared a Neapolitan cake recipe on the blog, but here is a new twist on the idea. You can use your favorite 3-layer chocolate cake recipe (even from a box) or use the one I provided below. The real star of the cake is the 3-flavored frosting, though, so make sure you try it! I love the lookRead more

Christmas Party Menu Planning

I feel like throwing your first neighborhood Christmas party is some sort of initiation into suburban life. I dropped off our invitations yesterday and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous that no one will show up. Let’s all cross our fingers, please! I thought I would share my menu to provide some early inspiration forRead more

Eggs Benedict

Inspired by Eggs Benedict at Martha’s 22nd Street Grill in Hermosa Beach, CA and Cafe Benelux in Milwaukee, WI, this recipe includes all my favorite components of the different twists I’ve had on this classic dish. I prefer thinly shaved ham over Canadian bacon as well as the addition of sauteed spinach and a thick-cut tomato, all covered in plentyRead more

Lemon Lover’s Pound Cake

For Mother’s Day I knew I wanted to make a lemon cake because one my mom’s favorite flavors is lemon. I’ve made lemon cake in the past, but was underwhelmed with the result, so I decided to try a new recipe. I don’t really like trying new recipes when I’m serving the cake without tasting it first, but this oneRead more

Red Chile Chicken with Rice and Black Beans

So, apparently I needed a one month vacation from blogging… Lately in the Constable household, we haven’t been trying a lot of new things. One reason is because my in-laws were in town for two weeks, another reason is because I am going through a job change, but most of all it’s because I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired andRead more

Roasted Garlic Macaroni & Cheese

I’ve tried many homemade macaroni and cheese recipes, but nothing compares to this one. I love roasted garlic, so it’s no surprise that this one was a winner for me. I’ve made it twice now; the first time completely true to the original recipe, and the second time a bit more inexpensively by subbing out the boursin for garlic herbRead more

Guinness, Jameson & Baileys Cupcakes II

So, you may or may not have noticed that I already have a recipe for Guinness, Jameson & Baileys cupcakes on the blog. This year I decided to change it up a bit and make a new, modified version of this crowd favorite. I would say it was definitely a success! I kept the cake the same – it’s aRead more

Guinness Beef Stew

Beef stew is a classic comfort food that so many of us grew up eating regularly, including me! This is am Irish inspired take on classic beef stew, with the addition of several root vegetables, Guinness (duh), caraway seeds and raisins. It sounds a bit weird but it was so flavorful and delicious. It’s easy to prep, and your crockpotRead more

Irish Soda Bread

I’ve heard “Irish soda bread” many times before, but didn’t actually try making it until last week. I wasn’t really sure what it was and when you are supposed to eat it. The Internet answered the first question – it’s basically a non-yeasted bread, whose raising agent is baking soda. Makes sense, but I still couldn’t find when I wasRead more